About Us


As the third-generation-descendants of old-established Farmers, who made agriculture on the fertile grounds of Anatolia since ancient times, we started this project by establishing Biography Gida Sanayi Ticaret A.S.

On our mission, while combining the traditional farming with academically modern methods we never lost sight of the fact, that this fertile ground is not a heritage from our ancestors, but it is only a loan which we have to pass to our Grandchildren.

Our mission is the worldwide introduction of these „treasures“  bestowed upon us by our fertile lands. While we do this ambitiously, we also want to present you also the Biography of each individual „treasure“ from sowing to harvest right up until the serving on your dining table.



  • Thanks to our „Common Production“-Model we coordinate the synchronous corporation of healthy orchards whose Ground- and Productivity analyses were made according to the latest standards. While we make this coordination we also organize also the professional development and the due diligence of our Farmers so that additional cultivation areas can be developed steadily.Under the supervision of Agriculture Engineers we enable our Farmers to perform the production steps from pruning, watering, pest control right through to the harvest on a scientifically productive manner. As soon as our Product-Experts categorize the accredited orchard ripeness for ideal we realize the solely manual harvest of our Products.
  • Our manually harvested products are transferred in time and in a most accurate manner to our processing plants which are certified in accordance with approved standards like ISO22000, IFS or BRC. In these plants our products are processed free from additives and preservatives as nature brings us. In order to conserve their freshness and incomparable aroma like in their very first day of harvest we pack them in high quality packaging so that we can offer you our products with a secure feeling.
  • In consideration of the Feedbacks from our Business Partners we are constantly developing and optimizing our internal procedures in order to be able to offer you as valuable customers and business partners our high-value products.



the Nature...              conserving natural resources with a view to ensure long-term sustainability

the Human Being...  protecting the purity and the aroma which mother nature provides us

the Economy...          creating a new long-term employment  in rural regions

the Participation...   bringing on board of all participants thanks to our „Common Production“ Model

the Tradition...         connecting conventional applications with scientifically effective measures

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